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What Sets Us Apart

The online marketing partner for high-end and premium service providers, the team at Josh Plotkin Digital Solutions combine more than 10 years of expertise in delivering SEO and website marketing solutions with one goal: to help you win more clients online.


How We Work

Everything we do is backed by our 5 Client Promises:

Focus On Results

We focus on results and nothing less. Simply put, we will help you to create more awareness, build trust and win more clients online.

No Long Term Committments

You'd be crazy to cancel our agreement since we give you a huge ROI on your marketing spend, but if you ever wanted to it's a no hassle process.

Our Complete Attention

We only ever engage a select number of clients at any one time, so you can expect to receive our full focus and attention.


Honest and Uncomplicated Advice

We always provide honest and ‘non-techie’ advice, and tell you exactly what it takes for your website to rank, build trust and convert more leads.

Complete Online Solution

We provide complete SEO and website optimization solutions for your high-end service, because Google rankings and traffic are irrelevant if your website doesn’t convert.

How We Work

If you think we might be a good fit in helping you win more clients online – and if you qualify – we would first recommend you apply for a custom Website Audit for your business, free of charge.

That way, we can then have a valuable conversation about how well your website is currently optimized for the search engines, and you will also receive advice on immediate and actionable steps to effectively gain and convert more high-value enquiries.

If we mutually agree that your business can benefit from our SEO and website conversion solutions, we will then put together a personalized proposal complete with price and expectations.

If we don’t end up working together, at least you’ll get a detailed analysis of your website and your competition.

free website audit

Or contact us directly to start the conversation.

About Us

Unlike many other agencies, we at Josh Plotkin Digital Solutions focus exclusively on SEO and website conversion for high-end service providers.

Our specialist team combine over 10 years of expertise in delivering online marketing solutions and lead generation activities with one end in mind: to get results.

How We Work

When it comes to online marketing, in our experience, many businesses are tactical and rarely strategic. They rely on an unpredictable and scattergun approach that seldom achieves consistent and sustained ROI.

We do things differently. We start with a strategic vision, getting clarity on where you want your business to be, and make sure everything we do is focused on getting your business there.

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